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Plant Limit

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I would like to know if there is a limit of number of plants that one can grow in one location (Address) I do understand each patients plants need to be secure or separated. My question is in one location can we have two care givers with five patients each with the understanding that each care giver is secured.

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Nither caregiver can have access or share the gardens. If both are locked and the givers only have keys for there each rooms then yeah you'd be good. You also should never allow patients into your garden unless you have each 12 plant sets locked up separate as when that patient enters the room and the room has all your other patients plants in them then now that single patient is over his 12 plant limit having access to all the rests plants. This is the AG opinion as far as I can tell, but with you in the room, you, are the securing devise. If ya don't allow anyone but you into the garden then that takes that issue away in my eyes.


Do speak with a lawyer as that I am not...

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You can look it up but they say for sure no more then 99 because after that Federal law requires a min 5 year prison term if caught with 100 or more total no matter how many people are involved . They call it conspiracy . Please be safe , everyone .

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I personally will NEVER go passed 49


for personal reasons ...



I personaly wouldnt grow more than 9! :notfair:


I dont think that is good either! now if im a c.g and have 5 pt's. Im allowed 60 for the pt's and 12 for me, a whopping grand total of 72 plants! That sounds like to much work for me, so I will keep my c.g, and continue to only be my lady's c.g and keep our plant count under 12 in our home untill the rest of you straighten this mess out in the court system! (JK) Ive had my cases, nice and quiet and gone now. So you see, I wont let them get me for manufacturing this time! Remember at least one member of our communtity is sitting in jail, Trying to at least be allowed visits from his bride and family! unfortunatly its not a great time for us, But on the other hand I just read that ruling by a circuit court judge that ruled p 2 p transfers is clearly written in the act!


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right - I think this new grower needs to focus on growing a plant to its full potential yield - than trying to figure out how to get the full plant count of all his patients under one roof.


If the person thinks he needs to do all those plants, he/she needs to grow for themselves for a short bit.

For a new person - the max 5 patient plants x 2 CG in one roof - you better be on the top of your game.



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