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Starting A Compassion Club


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Can someone please be more specific as to what we can and can't do at a compassion club? I plan on starting a compassion club in my area so patients caregivers and anyone who supports our cause can have a place to get together. I want it to be a social club of people who share the same ideas. A place where you could go and not be judged. A place to feel safe, to learn, and to be yourself. Forums are great but somethings are better done in person. I want to set up a club that meets twice a month. Every time we meet would be differnt then the last time. For example if I would of started this earlier we could have had a secret santa day and a Christmas brunch. I remeber when I first became a caregiver/patient I had no where to go and no one to talk to. The only advice I could find is from drug dealers (who only care about money). Perhaps hire a club lawyer who would help answer our legal questions and stick by our side. I have a vision of a compassion club run by it's members for it's members. (Earth to MrHashish) Oh yeah anyways like I was saying I need to know more about the legal view of compassion clubs. Can people donate meds to each other on these private-location held meetings? (with no financial benefit to the club) Can we have vendors who share cannabis products? I do know one thing though....we have the right to peacefully assemble. Anyways thanks for the help and more information will be coming soon :thumbsu:

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Start by checking out a few CCs.


My understanding there are only 50 501a non-profit clubs for MM. Some clubs claim they are non-profit, but are not.


A lawyer is a good idea. Checking the local ordinances for memoriams on MM clubs is a start.


A club has to have leaders, the entire club expected to make rules and enforce them will not work well. Husband and wife teams work great. The quality of the staff will determine the quality of the club members.



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I want to start this in Metro Detroit. I'm not married so it wont exactly be a husband and wife kind of thing but hey a lot of people I know love my leadership skills. I know I want to charge a $20 monthly fee but that is for the quality of the club. Every member would have a id card around their neck with any name they want to be known by (as long as their official name and information is with the club) because some people have privacy concerns. It's sort of like an ice breaker as well. Money will also cover venue (I have seveal friends who own banquets), speakers, refreshments, print, ect.

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The MMMA is here to provide you everything we can. The Compassion Clubs are the front lines in the fight for freedom. It is important that a statewide network be established in order for the Compassion Clubs to interact effectively. We have been spending a lot of time trying to develop the architure to support this effort. I would like to have a statewide convention of Compassion Clubs or at minimum conference calls to get requirements from Compassion Club Leaders. Compassion Clubs are operated by their respective organization. All of them are different. Our interactions and support functions must respect that configuration while facilitating effective operations. We need Compassion Clubs in every county and as many townships as possible.


I would like to propose that we start organizing our get out to vote effort. This 2012 election will be huge for us.


We need to register voters.

Educate Voters.

Make Sure they make it to the polls.

Organize several political gatherings in the coming year.

Organize after events to build political unity in the movement.


Just some thoughts. Thanks, Bb



I have been trying to get in touch with you about helping with the organizing effort. We a new club here at Central Michigan Compassion Club and our focus is organizing nad networking.

There is a lot of work to do to get us there for the 2012 elections, July or August is our goal for an established network.


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