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Compassion Clubs In Detroit?


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There are two or three plus on Eastern border there is Macomb/Oakland CC in Roseville....


New Detroit Compassion Club http://www.newdetroitcc.com/

Belle Isle Compassion Club http://belleislecc.ning.com/


There may be another, Spirit of Detroit CC. I could not find web link for this club, but I have been to it. Contact MsChocolate here on the MMMA forum on this one. The time I attended she ran the club.




Macomb/Oakland CC (Roseville area) http://www.macomboaklandcc.com/mocc/

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I actually attended the last meeting they had up there... Felt vey safe and comfortable, they said they used to even invite the police dept to send a rep down... Apparently they got bored of watching older sick people trying to fig out the law and discussing medical conditions...lol.


But they had previously held events and are going to organize a regularly sched market. It felt 10 times safer than a dispensary I visited in the d... Truth.


Did hear of a regular club near downriver... Will ask again and hit the thread. Peace

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I started the first club in Detroit. Due to a combination of health issues and having to one to take over, the meetings are on sabbatical. I have also allowed the website and other stuff to fold. It was my intent to host once I was feeling better. Dang-it, I’m still waiting. I’m not out like I once was; sometimes the body says NO! I did make it to WSU for the symposium. It was nice to see those whom I had not seen in a while, and to make acquaintance with new people.


There were (are) other clubs in the city. I would suggest you start your own club, or look into the Belle Isle Compassion Club. The Belle Isle club meets of Friday’s. Look for the old WWWW radio station on Jefferson, just steps from where WGPR use to be.


Take care,

Ms. C

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I looked to see if there were any old links. Treating me like the forgotten step-child. I found one link. LOL



The information listed on this site under the "Compassion Club" heading is way old and out of date. I don't think LMJ (my co-host)uses the address I had listed for her.

Edited by Ms Chocolate
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