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Omicron E-Cig Oil Vaporizer


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I bought this a couple weeks ago...IT ROCKS!!!


My link


it takes a few hits to get the hang of it, it hits VERY slowly. I continue to breathe while slowly filling my mouth with vapor then inhale. 3 good pulls from this thing and its rainbows and unicorns!! I LOVE IT!!


I filled it with 1 gram of BHO. we used it ALOT. A WHOLE LOT!! 1 gram lasted 11 days of HEAVY use with multipule people. one person would take almost month to empty the oil cartrage with heavy use! for real


filling is kind of difficult but I hear the fill tool is ready for shipment now. that should help. the battery lasts quite awhile. we used it on a road trip last week. 2.5 hours each way, had the vape going the whole time. never had to switch batterys


I can't think of a better way to medicate. no smoke, very little odor and makes BHO smooth (no coughing). this has to be the greatest invention of the year!!!

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Is there more than one model?, better than the other? sounds interesting, is it only for oil or can keif be used?

they have a couple proto-types being tested. I saw one that uses 2 oil chambers. looked intresting.


this vaporizer is for any oil that is semi soild at room temp and liquid when heated

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I concur. Been going strong since last Friday on a fresh fill.


Best oil vape period.


The company that makes this vape has some new products in development that sound real interesting.


Check out the omnicron thread at this site.


And, if you already have your omnicron get yourself to the delta site quick and order your fill tool. Just pay the price of shipping. Limited time offer so hurry!

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Looks interesting but I am trying to figure out how it is used. How does the oil last so long?

Can you vape flowers with it too?

come over for a free demonstration!!

it works like a percolator, re-capturing the un-vaped oil for re-use. it REALLY does last that long. I think I'm on my 5/6th cart and I got mine on Black Friday and use it a lot!!!!


it only uses concentrates. ANY product that is full melt when heated and solidifies/gels when cool. wax, budder, RSO, glass................etc.

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Hello friends, I was invited here by Dr. Tarzan to help answer questions you guys have. I have book marked this website and will be a regular visitor.


Hi. I bought the Omicron double-battery unit and a 5-pack of cartridges. I love this setup and will be buying five more to give to my patients. One thing I have encountered is it seems that most, if not all, of the catridges seem to leak out the bottom to some degree. Is this normal? Or could it be that dumping 180 deg F oil into it causes that? FYI the way I fill it: I place a small glass jar on a scale and drop the cart/fill tool assembly in the jar (the jar keeps it upright) I then use a dropper to drop warm oil into the unit until I hit 1.0 gram. Then if necessary I use a lighter to heat the fill tool to get the oil to flow in all the way. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hello friends,

I was invited here by Dr. Tarzan to help answer questions you guys have.


I have book marked this website and will be a regular visitor.


Yes I did , and Welcome My Friend ...


I've gotta Thank LongHairBri for pointing these Omicron's out ...


They are the Greatest Thing ... Ive got over 30 days


NO CIGARETTES ...............


For over well 30 days ive have been beating on these Vaporizers ...


Most People Have No Ideal what they've been missing till they have use one


I personally like these things So well ,

That I've became a Distributor for Omicron and i try keeping them in stock ... :thumbsu:

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