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Jack Herer


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I stopped by the People's Choice dispensary in A2 to see what they had for clones, and they had some beautiful JH clones. Going back today to get one and I'll try and find out where this strain came from

im going to have to take some time and go take a look for my self this dispensary is in ann arbor right? well let me know what they say when you get back and how much they are.

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I had been considering Sensi Seeds thru the attitude


so it seemed cheaper today to buy a clone from unknown origin, not to mention the immediate gratification

yes it is, I just need to find people that have the strain they say they have and not find out 2 month into the grow that its not what i payed for :(

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I have grown out the Jack Herer from People's Choice. It doesn't taste like lemons, but it does have a fairly up effect. The growth pattern is indica dominant for sure, and the buds are dense and extremely resinous, not to mention very potent. Don't know if it's really the "real" Jack Herer, but whatever it is, it's great.

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