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Yet Another Lame donkey Experiment !


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A very simple suggestion. I think it would be interesting to divide your harvest into parts. Taking some bud early some in the middle of flowering and some late and later.


Then start smoking different ratios of the finished material to find and adjust the effects that the mmj might have upon you.


There are some qualities that are lost in late harvest. Some late harvest plants have very powerfull effects that are sometimes wanted.I think that mixing and finding your ratio of new to old would give one a personal number for the strain. Your preferred ratio.


Different people with different needs could then do the same. I think this would allow a more effective approach beyond the strain specific or dosage.


I mean aren't you at all a little bit curious? What do you have to loose? If you are already gardening trying this out makes you nothing. At the end of this I tell you how to deal with anything you feel is harvested too early or too late.


Also we could create a topic and list what strains we are experimenting with / our results. Also, what ailments are being treated. Subjective reactions along with those ailments. I think this might be useful for people seeking help now and in the future. Oops thc CBD cbn ratios and any other components that get tested.


Also if you create any blends that are not right for you can send what is left to me! :devil:

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We did experiment with our Capt. Kirk, taking some when the trichomes were still mostly clear with a few cloudy, then took more with trichs mostly cloudy with a few clears, and the last one was all cloudy with about 20 % amber. It could be 30% I'm estimating. So anyway, we liked the most mature the best; it was most effective & the buds were bigger & denser since they were more mature. We have autoimmune disorders, MS and Scleroderma (hardening of skin and internal organs).

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