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The 2012 Mi Ballot Initiative To End Marijuana Prohibition


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The site uses an invalid SSL certificate, which is the mechanism that encrypts traffic between you and their web server. That's what the security warnings are about: Someone didn't install a valid certificate on the server.


As long as you don't send any highly confidential data to the site (SSN, Driver's License#, Passwords, etc...), then there is no more concerns than when using any other public Internet site.

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It might help them to have the site approved by Symantech I hope they come up with a reasonable set of rules that serve to reinforce what patients already have . This will be up to voters but easier to get done then the recall . If we could only somehow move the bar on employment, education and driving in the State for cannabis users . Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone could grow similar to how your allowed to make wine ( not liquor which can be lethal ) ..



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There are things that still need to be done.


The ssl certificate needs the owner of the web page to have a bank account.


So that has to be set up first.


Until that's set up there will be the security warning.


As far as I know this site isn't set to go yet. I've been waiting for a place to sent people to.

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I think we should be fighting for what we do have first imo not what we may have but i will still help as much as i can


It seems on line now. But I haven't received official notice that it's OK to use the site.


Until we get the OK, there is a possibility of volunteers being lost.


Please wait until the OK is given.

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