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Seed Balls


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Seed balls are a cheap, effective, and easy way to start your plants. Just use one seed ball per container (up to your legally allowable plant limit) and you won't need to spend money on rockwool, etc.


Here's a YouTube video that describes how to make seed balls:


Disclaimer: It would of course be illegal to use seed balls to broadcast cannabis seeds outdoors. Just ignore that segment of the video, and consider how seed balls could help you to start your legally allowable limit of plants. :-)

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Tsk, Tsk! Using seed balls for such a purpose these days would be quite illegal, and I certainly can't condone or advocate that. Besides, it would seriously annoy our Attorney General Bill Schuette and other government officials if that was to happen!

Interestingly, that could have been legally done in the early days of this great country of ours though, when our first president George Washington said "plant hemp everywhere".


I wish I had access to large quantities of seed.


I'd throw seed balls into every vacant lot in Detroit.




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