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Great Day In Jackson!


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WOW! It's all I can say. What a great day at the Jackson Market this afternoon.


So many vendors today that there was standing room only. The price's ranged from a low of $7 to a high of around $12 with many CG's signs showing prices like $14 and $15 crossed out in favor of what was mostly $10 grams and OZ's around $200-$225. SO MUCH was available. I was given samples by 2 caregivers of very nice MM and 2 other samples of Medibles. I spent the entire day there assisting my CG (who came with 8 strains himself and serviced well over a dozen patients and caregivers) and met dozens of people of many different sub-groups and classes whom were all sharing stories, joking, and laughing with each other. It was indeed a Great Day! It FLEW by way too fast and I can't wait to come back.


I just wanted to post something to say thank you to everyone who has put so much into this and also to all the great people we met there today who welcomed us and treated us very kindly.








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Winter is coming and with it the return of pricier prices. Vendors who rely on mj for a living long ago learned of the fall price pressure and crossed moving meds off the calendar in Oct, Nov, and Dec. The car carriers who take it to Atlanta and southern Commonwealths depend on the fall/Christmas season for the bulk of their fat dollars. That's why their vacation season is NOT fall or Christmas. Always been that way, well before the 'm' was added to mj. No ? fall prices are great for any acquirer, patients and CGs (any one lawabiding) included.

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I'd have to see that to believe it. 10 bucks a gram is fantastic. Thats what I was paying for primo 25 years ago.



I agree this is a good thing . It can be difficult to keep it in perspective that this isn't recreational it is people helping people because were all sick and this brings comfort and healing . Lower pricing equals more people receiving comfort and healing without sacrificing other essentials . 300% markup on expenses from statistics I have seen growers provide would put the final price at approximately $200 oz . Were close it may be very difficult to lower prices from here given people still worry about arrest and are desperate for income from anywhere in this job environment and with fuel so high . Many whom wanted to just help others in the beginning are finding they simply can't afford too . I hope we can learn ways to bring down prices further while keeping quality standards high and not having bad feelings towards each other .

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