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Medipharming: Meds In Soil (A Detroit Class)

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This medical marihuana grow class is team-taught by a couple. The class covers how to succeed in growing your meds or those of your patients, under the sun or big lights indoors. Starts January 2012, evenings, 8 sessions, fee $550. (Since there are few female growers and since we desire to promote females pharming meds, the fee for females is only $200). The class covers staying legal under the voter-initiated Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008 (law); plant number limits (and the two nearly unknown exceptions to these limits and why it only seems the plant limit is 12, 60,or 72). The dangers to the Act posed by our current State Attorney General; why plant numbers are irrelevant to the quantity of meds you produce; court decisions post-referendum, proposed revisions to the Act and why they failed to become law this legislative session; requirements and how-to for becoming a patient or a CG; grow mediums, and why old horses are a cannibis grower's best friend; light(the sun, florescents, LEDs, HIDs); is it best to start from seeds or from clones? Increasing med output by pruning and FIMming; standard propagation technique(taking cuttings and rooting clones); the art of cloning-on-the-mother-plant (mother and babies=1); acing the start-up $ (acquiring used equipment incredibly cheap, and/or building your own from salvage); solving the problem of plant pests and diseases; start-up costs in soil versus hydro; how beginners benefit from soil "lag"; harvesting, drying, and curing your crop; keeping your crop secure, including alarm systems and firearms. Firearms + weed--how patients (even felons) may legally carry both weed and pop-gear and end-run the ATF; staying loose--the Michigan attorney firm who defends you for free on any weed-related matter. What testing labs with their high-pressure gas chromatography reveal about top-shelf meds; the market in the post-dispensary-welcome-to-the-farmer's-market-era. Questions? Call xxx-xxx-xxxx. no numbers please, use the pm system.

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