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Sweden Legalizes And Regulates Cannabis


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This article is indeed




I did not verify when I posted it. I got the link from a friends Facebook page. I apologize for not verifying it first. Mods please delete or lock this thread for me. Thank you.


Stockholm, December 19 - The Swedish Parliament has approved a law which will regulate the growing, usage and trade of cannabis. This is according to the Health and Social Services of Sweden, Jonas Grönhög, who was quoted, "We don't want to make the same mistakes which the USA has done, we do not want to be prohibitionists because the war on drugs has been lost long ago. It is better to prevent marginalization of young people than jail them for soft drugs usage which are comparatively harmless. If we allow the sale of alcohol, there is no reason to ban the soft drugs no longer."




Cannabis products are going to be available in the pharmacies in Sweden as non-prescription medicine since April 20 in 2012 and customers more than 18-year-old can buy 10 grams at once. Growing for personal usage will be tolerated up to 200 grams of dried marijuana and larger amounts stay illegal. It is likely that this will target the Police resources on more serious crime, especially on organized crime, drug trafficking and trafficking in human beings which have been increased for lack of the Police resources in recent years.

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Schuette's days are numbered. We may not be able to give him the boot, but when it comes to reelection, the people will see. They will see that while houses were being foreclosed and abandoned because unemployment is outrageously high, that he made sure to spend 75% of his time and countless dollars to crucify a minority for wanted to smoke a plant. People are realizing how futile and pointless the whole "war" is. He should be focused on helping 9,900,000 people instead of persecuting 100,000.

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Hopefully legalization efforts here will be bolstered by the Swiss.

Man I've got to get there now. Always wanted to see the Alps, now I've got a new reason.


Freaking Awesome news.


Um I think you mean the Swedes, Sweden not Switzerland.

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