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Us Drug Czar Blames Mm For Teen Marijuana Use

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We asked several teenagers at our Church if they're aware of MM being used in their schools. They responded that marijuana is in their schools has been for years and no one is calling it 'Medical Marijuana'. (we know the names used so I won't offend by posting them)


But heres one thing the drug czar and all these other do gooders need to be focusing their attention on....


According to the kids, heroin and pills are more popular in their schools than marijuana and more readily available why? No smell.......


Justine made this comment, 'Kid can have a pound of narcotic pain pills in his locker and no one would be the wiser....try hiding a pound of marijuana in a school locker and see how long it takes before its found"


Marijuana defenders take issue with drug czar's comments on medical marijuana and teens




The U.S. drug czar's comment that the rise in marijuana use among teens might be linked to the legalization of medical marijuana stirred an outcry among readers. Many commenters defended marijuana use and argued the substance was less damaging than alcohol or prescription drugs. There was mixed reaction on whether a growing acceptance of medical marijuana has led to increased use among teens.


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Is medical marijuana movement behind rise in teens' marijuana use?


Marijuana use among teens is rising -- despite declines in smoking and alcohol use -- and the U.S. drug czar questions whether the legalization of medical marijuana is to blame.


One in every 15 high school seniors said they used marijuana almost every day, the highest rate since 1981, according to the 2011 Monitoring the Future survey conducted by the University of Michigan for the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


The survey also showed the percent of teens who view marijuana as "a great risk" has dropped in recent years.


R. Gil Kerlikowske, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, pointed out the rise in marijuana use coincides with the growing number of states legalizing use of medical marijuana.


"We know that any substance that is legally available is more widely used," he said in a Los Angeles Times story.


And he told the New York Times: “These last couple years, the amount of attention that’s been given to medical marijuana has been huge. And when I’ve done focus groups with high school students in states where medical marijuana is legal, they say, ‘Well, if its called medicine and it’s given to patients by caregivers, then that’s really the wrong message for us as high school students.’”


Dr. Christian Thurstone, medical director of the adolescent substance abuse treatment program at Denver Health and Hospital Authority, also questioned the medical marijuana impact in the Times story:


“We’re clearly seeing an increase in teenage marijuana use that corresponds pretty clearly in time with the increase in medical marijuana use,” he said.


Here are some highlights of the study cited in news release:


• Marijuana use among teens rose in 2011 for the fourth straight year — a sharp contrast to the considerable decline that had occurred in the preceding decade. Daily marijuana use is now at a 30-year peak level among high school seniors.


• “Synthetic marijuana,” which until earlier this year was legally sold and goes by such names as “K2” and “spice,” was added to the study’s coverage in 2011; one in every nine high school seniors (11.4 percent) reported using that drug in the prior 12 months.


• Alcohol use—and, importantly, occasions of heavy drinking — continued a long-term gradual decline among teens, reaching historically low levels in 2011.


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That guy is a joke.

Teen marijuana use is up because of their lies.

Not because of our truth.

Get a clue A hole.

Why is it when people stop believing an outright lie, that it is the fault of the person telling the truth.

I will not believe their lies and the children are now seeing the governments wool and are turning away from them.

How about a look in the mirror.


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Prescription Drug Abuse Aided by Internet Pharmacies, MD Ignorance

"Abuse of prescription drugs has reached epidemic levels, yet many physicians are often unaware of the availability of controlled substances over the Internet."


Seems like the Drug Fuhrer has bigger fish to fry....


Why would he go after the people who fill D.C.'s silk lined pockets?


It is much easier to go after the sick, in pain and dying people.

I say again,


Our Country is becoming a Joke. Not a funny one either.


I along with quite a few members served our country in the military ( Marines here).


This is not the place I was seeking to defend or advance our causes across the globe.

I am no longer interested in laying my life down for this country nor its leaders.


My family came here in 1610 ad. One of the first non natives to settle in southern Virginia. They were peaceful people who lived alongside peaceful Natives the Cherokee.

My ancestors whether they be the 17th century Englishman or the Cherokee would not be happy with the way we treat one another.


I, like so many Natives before me, weep when I look around at what has happened to us.

I am of mixed origin English and Cherokee.

I feel horrible when I think of the injustice we heap on one another

Sorry for the rant.

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I would love to see his statistics. Maybe teen use is really on the rise. Could it be that teens have gotten smarter on the harsh effects of drinking? Could it be that all too many teens are seeing their friends hit the ground in convulsions after smokin some Meth? Here in my little town we have lost 19 kids in the past 2 years from Methamphetamines. The youngest was 12. The oldest 22. One girl, 17, died after smoking Meth on the way to her high school graduation. In the last 2 years, we have also lost 7 teenagers to alcohol related deaths. Mainly drinking and driving. Thas 26 of our children in a town of 6,000. Averaging one child dead per month. How many have we lost to marijuana? NONE! As many of us know, High School is a horribly depressing place. I think Teens are finding that MM has anti-depressant qualities without the risk of death. What I would like to see is how many teens are using MM AS OPPOSED TO ALCOHOL, SCRIPTS, or METH! But even more, I would like to hear the reason WHY they chose MM. Asking a teen if they have ever used marijuana is one thing, asking WHY they use marijuana is the reports I would like to see. Medcnman.

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