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"end The Marijuana Prohibition"


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Thanks for posting. I am glad to be investing for a return of the power back to the people.


Wednesday December 21, 2011 6:30 PM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Manistique

Friday December 23, 2011 3:00 PM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Byron Center / Caledonia / Gai

Saturday December 24, 2011 3:30 PM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Petoskey

Sunday December 25, 2011 12:00 PM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Coldwater

Wednesday December 28, 2011 6:30 PM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Warren

Saturday December 31, 2011 2:00 PM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Petoskey

Sunday January 1, 2012 12:00 AM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Auburn Hills

Sunday January 1, 2012 11:00 AM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Grosse Pointe

Thursday January 5, 2012 06:30 AM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Edwardsburg

Sunday January 8, 2012 3:00 PM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Waterford

Sunday January 8, 2012 6:30 PM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in Ann Arbor

Tuesday January 10, 2012 7:00 PM: Michigan for Ron Paul meeting in ROYAL OAK



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I want to end prohibition as much as anyone but could never support a candidate that would not support a minimum wage to create a job for a adult . That is paramount to a environment promoting slavery and creating misery . Can anyone truly defend the practice ? With fuel as high as it is many people are already unable to profit from part time work at all and need new vehicles that obtain 30-40 mpg . Things are truly tough . There has to be a better way to help people Ron Paul's policy would only help business owners who mismanaged operations and need labor to dig out unless the Government subsidized the difference to a living wage . It would be abuse . The little guy at the level of min wage has proportionally lost as much or more then most already while having a very low impact on societies resources .


I know more and more people are finding min wage employment is the best they can obtain surely those increasing numbers will not support seeing that bar be reduced . I just can not see any benefit . It causes me to loose all faith in a candidates common sense and the Republican Party when I see their candidates suggest this as economic policy . You have to pay people enough to eat , drive to work and live somewhere . I would rather see Government encampments and work programs like we saw in the 30's that did not have to adhere to any wage guidelines but fed , clothed ,gave the homeless a place to live with dignity and a very small stipend to save until the private sector was able to absorb them again .


I surely wish someone could explain why they would support this so it makes sense to me because I do respect some of the individuals aligning with this point of view . The truth is were not in a inflationary economy but one of deflation . The rise in costs for basic goods and services is due to the fact our fuel of transportation is no longer available from easy to tap sources , our food supply has been used to offset that using ethanol further damaging cost relationships and this is throwing our economy off . Hopefully our smartest individuals are working on this and making sure people are not just exploiting our weakness of requiring vast amounts of energy from outside the Country . That never should of happened look how well Venezuela has managed their resources though they did steal some back . I don't know how else you can explain the Nationalization of Corporate properties inside their borders without paying for them .


Last I heard fuel for transportation there is very cheap still . They use sugar beets for ethanol not corn . But what we need is non food sources that can be grown on fallow ground . Bio diesal may be be better direction when it comes to running vehicles and experiments with algae are promising we just need it taken to a new level with EPA guidelines reduced so we can use the 70 mpg vehicles sold in Europe now . I am sure some here could tell us about Henry Fords bio fuel dreams at one point .


I like this guy on a majority of issues but I think he has the economy wrong , is wrong on min wage and wrong on right to work . No Union can survive right to work legislation it truly should be called the right to rid your corporation or local Government of having to pay Union Wages and Benefits legislation . I was in a local that was collapsed due to right to work and after all that time invested it was crushing . You take away SSI and medicare then people will just die terrible deaths when they get old with their famiies all spread out working for corperations . If they were blessed enough to have one . This sounds good to healthy people and he is insured to the gills but not the average person voting for him . The person that never was able to secure a government or good Union job yet worked - most often for minimum wage . .

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