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Water On The Floor!


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This morning when I checked on the girls I was horrified to find my homemade hydro system pumped all the water out between the lid and the Rubbermaid tub.. yesterday I noticed the water pump quit working so I replaced it with a different one but had to put a collar between the pump and the manifold,this in turn raised the manifold two inches or so letting the water come out the edges of the lid...

Is there a system or alarm I can get that will go off when water hits the floor??


Thanks, Random

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Is this a tote? Yellow lid? I hot glued a panda film "skirt" around the inside of the lid. no more leaks. I will try to post a pic.gallery_28322_996_312513.jpg mine was leaking out between the lid and the tote. i added the little "curtain" to keep the water from leaking.gallery_28322_996_7472.jpg

they sit in here for 14 days after rooting, then go to bloom. The top pic was my Ed Rosenthal "Superbud" at 10 days after roots.Medcnman.

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Thanks for all the fast replys guys!!

Medcnman that is a great idea! & I know what I'll be doing as soon as I get outta work.. what is the "skirt made of"?

I just used some panda film i had left over. I cut it about 3-4 inches tall. Its glued up in the lid and just hangs down in the tub. When the sprayers hit it, the water flows back in to the tub and not out between the tub and lid. You can use any kind of plastic. Panda film is just what I had on hand. Hope this helps ya! Medcnman.

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