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Kidney Pains!

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Ok mmma friends i have a patient that has been on pain meds so long that they have started to kill his kidney's.. so i suggested to him that he start's using butter or other medibles and with no surprise he said they work awsome to relive his pain and loves it.. But now the problem is he said he is starting to have kidney pains? anyone now or had a similar problems? could it be the butter is hurting his kidneys or the fact that his kidneys can't take the butter ... i dont know what else to do the worse part is this is my family member and it kills me to see him in pain i just want to help him to be more comforatble!!!


so with that said if anyone can offer any advise on what to do i would realy appreciate any help.....



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You have taken him to a Doctor who did a blood panel , checked for a infection and stones thats what comes to my mind with the information given . Sadly too people whom have been on pain meds for years may have other issues that were masked if you have been lowering the doses and their body can't pick up natural pain control on its own . This is why if you want to detox as a patient ( not that that is the case here ) you do it slow , very slow and it is sad what some are suggesting about cold turkey for any patient or arrestee . The body often has been terribley damaged and though others can't see it the suffering is so severe for the patient who looks normal negative health consequences result . Plus the whole reason we use medications is to promote comfort that goal shouldn't be turned around to punish or hurt a patient in frustration while treating them . I don't want to scare people but I can't stress enough how dangerously we often treat patients in MIchigan due to the theory of substance abuse being applied to patients struggling with pain . Anyone suffering severely will gravitate towards relief .


Good luck I hope there is some peace in your loved ones future .

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Dandelion root tea is an excellent gentle tonic for the kidneys. Goldenrod tea, Oak bark tea or Gravel Root tea may also help.


If it is stones try Stonebreaker Herb (Phyllanthus Niruri). It has been used in South America for centuries and it worked great for me. You can buy it in healthfood stores or online.

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