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Oh How I Love The Glove

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Hello and Merry Christmas to all of you. ShivaSkunkPunk here, SSP for short, wanted to make my way over here and join the crusade with all my fellow brotha's and sista's throughout this great state of OURS. Born n raised in SouthCentral MI and have become a patient due to chronic lower back pain from my days on the court and field. Currently provide for myself in a mini garden and love love love organic farming. I spend a fair amount of time daily, researching, trying to become more efficient, and knowledgeable, about not only the plant, but the ever changing laws that affect us, I look forward to getting to know some of you, take care and be well, may 2012 bring peace and love to all of you, SSP

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Happy holidays to you too and welcome to the MMMA :thumbsu: :thumbsu:



Welcome SSP, nice to meet you, great spot to hang out if you are a grower in our great state of Michigan



Welcome Friend and Merry Christmas! Medcnman.



Welcome.Advice - there is a member with a nick SSP already.The DN



Welcome, and Merry Merry to you :).


Thank you all for the warm welcome, I wish all you a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous, New Year, Peace Shiva

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