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Where To Find Seeds


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With the great genetics in the State it only makes sense to breed your own seeds when able . Just save that male polen and dust up a few lower buds without effecting the rest of the plant . Label with parents and date . Good for up to two years . Nothing like a few majic beans that create patient comfort . We can keep the strains alive and spread out the cost of breeder packs over several grows as well as help each other . Seeds are protected under the MMMA and do not count against weight . If you have seeds all you need is a $3 bucket from Lowes or Home Depot , a light and your back in business .


By the way I bought some of those bulbs PB showed from Lowes the 5000k when they were on sale called daylight bulbs . Using two for my Mother plant seems to be working and two for my living room as I had been feeling seasonal effect disorder they really help ( I suffer from severe hormonal imbalances from pain management and c section nervous system damage ) . They provide much better light I honestly felt the difference immediately . That was a great sale if they ever go on again I hope someone mentions it . I would like to obtain a few more .


Ty Kindvapor I saw the message below sorry to take the thread off track but I appreciate the information . Reg price for the lowes bulbs was $12.98 for 4 23 watt sale $4.98

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An added note for newbies.


When you grow from seed make sure you are hunting for a mother plant.


In other words don't just get a pack of 10 fem seeds and grow them out expecting them all to be what you are looking for. You have to select the proper phenotype (the right variation of the strain) to find that special plant that is worthy of cloning.


Do research on the proper technique for this. It will vary from set-up to set-up, and make sure you are ready to take clones of all 10 of those seedlings before they flower.


If that all does not sound right for you, clones (from properly typed out plants, by a good grower) would serve you much better.


I did not know this when I first started and almost went with seeds. Which would have been a mistake.

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I think most legal growers rarely pop a ten pack


I take clones of every plant and decide after the are finished flowering


Once in awhile I miss on a clone and revegging is another option


Really never sure beyond strucure and ripening times till the --Smoke reportblush.gif

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Oh ok, because I called and they said it had to clear and blah blah, it just had me thinking, what if I don't get it and I'm out the money


I'm sure you will get them. I've ordered many times from Attitude, delivery time varies due to the international mail system. If I didn't get a seed order, being out the money would be the least of my worries.

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Well abe, I think I did but I will let you decide lol, because my preferences are different, I ordered Ken's Granddaddy Purp, Cali Connect's Buddha Tahoe OG, and since I caught the Attitude's birthday special, they threw a bunch of freebies like The OG #18 , MKAGE, SSSDH (Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze) Gigabud, and a another pack of Buddha Tahoe OG, plus White Widow and some others, what do you think?

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