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Sixty-Three Celebrities Were Arrested For Drugs In 2011


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Sixty-three celebrities were arrested for drugs (mostly marijuana) in 2011. That's an increase of 20 (or 47%) over last year. Here's the breakdown:


• The biggest celebrities arrested were Montel Williams, Sebastian Bach, Big Boi, Marcus Camby, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Theodora Richards, Julie Pacino, Brooke Mueller and Sly Stone.


• Athletes (24) and musicians (21) accounted for 69% of all celebrity drug busts.


• Musicians accounted for 32% of all celebrity drug busts.


Rappers (16) arrested were: Baby Bash, Big Boi, Blaze, Dice Raw, Hynief, Juelz Santana, Juvenile, Paul Methric, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Jamie Spaniolo, Tow Down, Truck North, Wacka Flocka (three times), Paul Wall and Webbie.


Other musicians (5) arrested were: Sebastian Bach, Denroy Morgan, June Pointer, Mike Starr and Sly Stone.


• Athletes accounted for 37% of all celebrity drug busts.


NFL players (9) arrested were: Kenny Britt, Donald Caldwell, Terry Glenn, Sam Hurd, Javarris James, James Jolly (twice), Alex Magee, Laurence Maroney and Lawrence Wilson. Former NFL player Terry Glenn was also arrested. College football player Janoris Jenkins was arrested twice.


NBA players (3) arrested were: Michael Beasley, Marcus Camby and Dante Cunningham. Former NBA players (3) Jose Ortiz, Samaki Walker and Rodney White were also arrested. College basketball players (3) DeAngelo Castro, Jamal Combs-McDaniel and first-round draft pick Klay Thompson were arrested.


One baseball player was arrested: Jordan Schafer. Former major leaguer Lenny Dykstra was also arrested.


NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield and boxer Tommy Morrison were arrested.


• Actors and TV stars accounted for 12% of all celebrity drug busts.


Actors and TV stars (8) arrested were: Antoine Dodson, Jermaine Hopkins, Jody Lathan, Ezra Miller, Brooke Mueller, Felicia Pearson, April Purvis and Montel Williams.


• Children of famous celebs (3) arrested were: Redmond O'Neal, Julie Pacino and Theodora Richards.


• Other celebs (6) arrested were: Dana Beal, Marion Christopher Barry, Brandi Favre, Steve Gold, James Rosemond and Korey Rowe.


• Out of the 65 arrests, 51 were for marijuana (79%). The other drugs were cocaine and crack (6), meth (2), steroids (2), heroin, PCP, Ecstasy, codeine, Vicodin, Xanax and Viagra.


• Only seven of the celebrities arrested were women.


• Florida led all states with eight arrests (six in Tampa), followed by New York, New Jersey and Texas (6); California and Georgia (4); North Carolina (3); Arizona, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin (2)

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Lenny Dykstra used to be a frequent celebrity commentator on CNBC. He apparently got into the financial adviser arena after he retired from sports. I realize now why he hasn't been on TV for a while. I guess they didn't want a cannabis user giving financial advice on cable TV. Funny thing is, his advice was always as good as the "straight" adviser's advice.

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