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Summary--2012 Michigan Ending Prohibition Ballot Initiative


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Michigan 2012, The 2012 Michigan Ballot Initiative to End Marijuana Prohibition, sponsored by Repeal Today For A Safer Michigan 2012. This is a ballot initiative for an amendment to the Michigan Constitution, remarkable in several aspects. First, it is not a “tax and regulate” measure like nearly all the others on this page. Its technique of reform might best be described as “limited cession.” Like the bill that Al Smith, the governor of New York, signed in 1923, like initiatives in Massachusetts in 1930 and eleven more states in 1932, and more recently like the 2010 initiative sponsored by Sensible Washington (below), the measure repeals the state prohibition laws and replaces them with nothing, thus ceding to the federal government the full burden and responsibility of prohibition enforcement. This is accomplished by inserting into the state constitution the declaration that marijuana use and commerce shall not be prohibited or penalized (under state law), except as to minors and prisoners.


What else makes this measure remarkable is the political context in which it arises. Unlike the many attempts (see below) to craft better marijuana policies than prohibition provides, this ballot question is a direct response to the interference by state officials to implementation to the Michigan’s medical marijuana law passed by the voters in 2008. Patients, researchers, doctors and providers have been brutally stymied by police, judges and most especially the current Attorney General, Bill Schuette, who cannot accept the law and allow its implementation. Hence this effort.



Please volunteer to help in the petition drive.



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