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Dispensary Goes Mobile To Avoid The Feds.

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You will need to click on the "more local news" toolbar to access this story.

Nice common sense fix to a federally made poblem. ;-)

Too bad 20 people are now unemployed, have no health benefits and are no longer able to provide as well for their families.

Nice job killer ( how many jobs per dispensary × how many dispensaries? ).

Thanks Feds.

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Medical marijuana advocates are saying that door to door delivery makes sense, especially with the federal government targeting pot dispensaries.


After two years in business, the Medithrive Medical Marijuana dispensary in San Francisco's Mission District closed its doors last month and hit the road.


"We morphed into a delivery service,” said Misha Breyburg, Medithrive managing director.


Medithrive closed in September after the United States Department of Justice warned its landlord that the property was subject to seizure because the dispensary was operating near a school.


“You could say that we're next to a school, but to get from our door to their door, it's about 785 feet,” Breyburg said. “They're literally around the block behind us."


Twenty employees were laid off because of the closure.


In the meantime, the pot dispensary has moved pot packaging operations to an undisclosed location.


And now couriers are using a smartcar to deliver pot to regular customers.


"It seems to me that's the obvious evolution for those who've had to close due to this federal crackdown," Breyburg said.


Weedmaps.com shows that a growing number of Bay Area dispensaries are now offering delivery services.


Medithrive's legal counsel said its county permit includes the right to make deliveries, though with legal and safety concerns, couriers have to be careful to limit the amount of marijuana delivered per trip.


"Anything can happen. Obviously, it's a lot safer when you have a storefront that's on a locked door,” Breyburg said.


Besides the daily deliveries and the lawsuit, Medithrive's operators said they're now doing some community organizing to rally support to help them reopen their doors.

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