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Simpson Oil With Isopropal Alcohol


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these should help out a lil


you only need a little bit of time.


Alcohol is polar, so it will also strip the plant material, thus you ll get a very GREEN color. use 99% iso if you choose to use alcohol to do it. the more pure the alcohol (think white lightning) the less plant material you ll strip, thus the better quality you ll end up with.

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Yep be making some my self shortly with the iso2 machine. I just gave 1 of my patients a bunch of my bho oil and she was amazed at the effects it gave her. 2 tiny puffs and her eyes was big as sausers. She just looked at me and said, " oh my god " Took her back spasms away right out of the gate. I gave her all I had so will have to get more of this out to my patients, so a brewing we go,,,, a brewing we go..........

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We need to get a diy type of thread going on making a vacume extractor so we can keep folks safe. After watching some of those you tube vids it really should be used in my eyes and something I will be investing in. I'm looking more to medabiles for my patients as think this is the best option I've seen. This stuff does need more research as it's proving to have amazing effect. Just if folks are starting to use and make this stuff then we need to keep them safe and able to make the purest form there is. Has to be some diy vac contraption out there

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