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The Only Part Of Our Law That Shouldn't Be Retroactive...

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If any measures are passed that modify our law they should not be retroactive for current patients. For example if the SB377 were to pass and the LEO's get their shopping lists, the list should only consist of new or renewed patients that applied after the change. This will give all of us a chance to 'opt-out' if we do not agree with the new terms of the contract. Any thoughts?

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If you simply do not renew your name still stays on the list. You have to send your card back with a letter that you want your name removed from the registry. They will respond within 3 weeks and tell you it has been removed as well as telling you the cost of leaving it on the list but inactive if you want to change your mind.


If you live within 500 feet of a school you might want to consider this option (unfortunately).

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