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J Won't Stay Lit

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Patient just got a trial batch from caregiver. It looks and smells nice, but it won't stay lit in a j. When it goes out, the end is blackened, instead of having white ash. Some people say this means that the meds weren't flushed, and to return it to the cg because of that. Others say flushing doesn't do anything.


What options does the patient have?

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Any salt left in it will burn black, making dark ash, but if that isnt much of an issue, I agree, dry it out more or cure it longer. There would have to be a ton of salt in it to stop it from burning if it was dry enough.


P.S. you should tell the CG the issues you have with it... Can't get better if no one complains.

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Yeah, I'd put ten bucks on its still wet, bend your largest bud till the stem has an audible snap. You want it to snap right in the middle of the bud. If no snap its still wet, or "its bowl weed dog" as I was told in High School. weigh it before you dry it and after, you'll probably lose %10 and that is when everyone thinks its dry, till you stick it in a jar and all the wetness comes out of the inside.


Hope that helps



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not sure here, but i have wondered if any amount of flushing can help that issue out. impo, i would say its caused from over feeding nutes.

ive had a couple come out like this, and over the years, always come across some stuff here n there that burnt like that.


let it set out for a couple days it may be a bit better, but i still find you have to break off the burnt up end. infact, i have some here right now, that is doing just that in some of the stuff.... its only around 12 days off right now. so it very well could be a not well dried/cured method. But i suspect, it i'll still have the problem a few weeks from now...


I know i flushed well, i know its dried and cured well. So in two to 3 weeks, i should be able to determine is it a dry/cure quirk, or is it over feed.

my premise, is overfeeding, causes the plants to get alot more fiberous, ie, the leafs become tougher, more like leather, than leaf. and i want to think that is what causes the harder burn issue we come across from time to time.


im not sure at any rate, but i never seemed to get good luck with additional dry time with smoke like this....

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