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Is This Bad? I Heard Voices Late Last Night.


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"We are from the Government, we are here to help you...."

  • Help you out of your possessions
  • Help you into a prison cell
  • Help you generate profits for the Prison Justice System
  • Help you escape from Freedom

We are the Borgerment, we are here to help you.......

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Actually I think it was little living things crawling all over my plants. They indeed look just like nanoprobes! (For those not in the know Spider Mites are aka 'the borg').


I dosed them yesterday with oogles of Mighty Wash and again today. Then I cut them down and hauled everything into the bathroom for a mighty long hard shower on pulsate.


But I guess the government analogy is pretty darn close in Michigan.

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Hey LawyerCaregiver -- are you still a Bar dues-paying member of their Collective, Locutus of Borg? :devil:


Yah Green, rub it in although I think of myself more as Hugh (the borg that rebelled and destroyed part of the collective in I-Borg) rather than their mouthpiece, Locutus. I think I am immune to assimilation or something.


I nominate Bill bad for Locutus. I am sure he would love to say those words...

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I am in the week of harvest and kept hearing this late last night.


What does it mean?





oh man you are screwed l.c.g! I sure hope i dont get that dream, I always wake up in a swet with my phazers on full blast! I accidently phazed all of my girls trying to get the borgs, that were not there,,crop time! :rolleyes:

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