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Cbd Rich Strains?


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Anyone seen any of these genetics in Michigan yet??


I've personally bred and tested several. The High Times Detroit cup had one from G.L.C.C.C., which isn't surprising, they had asked for mine and I never got around to getting it to them. (My bad fellas)


Great for a limited number of patients, not so good for the many.


Interesting things seen with different ratios. The ratios I've seen are (CBD/THC) 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, and 13/1. As the ratio of CBD/THC increases in CBD, THC also decreases, leading it self to be "no-high" at 3/1 or higher. Also the overall total CBD/THC content would remain the same; ie. 1/1 7%CBD/7%THC 14% total, 2/1 9%CBD/5%THC 14% total, 3/1 11%CBD/3%THC 14% total, 13/1 13%CBD/1%THC 14% total (Numbers rounded for easy comparison, results were from GC operated by my self).


I first heard of "no-high" via the rumor that DJ Short's original Blueberry breeding program resulted in any out-crosses of the clone only Blueberry to be "no-high" specimens. I theorize that this was probably CBD as the chemical precursor for production is shared with THC (reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabinoid#Plant_synthesis).


I currently see 1/1 as the most medically and economically viable type to produce.


As for who may have it, again GLCCC may have their Catatonic X. I also have one still, however wouldn't feel comfortable putting it out yet, a search for Catatonic should net you some sources. I still have some seeds that have resulted in CBD rich specimens, but again, wouldn't want to put them out there just yet.


Fun first post for me!

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