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Proposed Zoning Ordinance In Sault St. Marie

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Hey Folks,


I am new to the Eastern U.P, moving here to take care of my mother, and just yesterday I noticed a Proposed Zoning Ordinance for Caregivers in Sault St. Marie, MI. This proposed zoning ordinance forces all caregivers to become a "home business" under the ordinance which will then fall under "Special Restrictions"... These include an extra incensing fee, regular inspections by the city building inspector, allows for caregivers to only using 25% of there for any growing or cultivation, other than the basement, and prevents caregivers from ever being able to meet with their patients in their home, even for consultations.


Regardless of the violation of civil rights for all participating caregivers, this ordinance is a horrible attempt at regulating- if you can even call it that- that is filled with holes and also if interpreted so, may suggests that caregivers are being given a license usually given to those that would be conducting regular sales... Wouldn't this give the federal government one more reason for harassment? Especially if you are a caregiver that is working with only their family, lets say.


The Ordinance in Question.


Although I am new to the area, I see this as a direct action against patient and caregivers. In March, the Sault City Commission will be forced to visit the issue of collective distribution and disepenceries when their moratorium expires (...again) and if this Zoning Ordinance is left unchallenged, the city will do whatever they wish to our rights as patients and providers. Its a small step, but so is just coming to the city commission meeting.


Please, I encourage anyone in the Eastern U.P to try very hard to make it to the Pubic Hearing this January 16th, Monday. If you are as far west as Newberry, I may be able to help with rides, but it is important for us to have a large presence at these meetings. Anyone that wishes to present testimony or offer comments concerning this matter is encouraged to do so at the Public Hearing, or by written statement to 225 East Portage Ave, Sault St. Marie, MI 49783, or via email cityclerk@sault.com to be received by 5:00pm on the day of the hearing.


During this time, I have reached out to MINORML, and will be contacting the ACLU, as well. I am planning on creating a Sault St. Marie Branch of MINorml. With the presence of Homeland Security in the area, is even more reason to have a norml office in the area. With advocacy and education, we will be able to show people how wonderful this plant really is.

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