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Hello All, New Here And Have A Question

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About a year and half ago I was involved in an accident where I fractured my ankle bone (talus) and now I have multiple screws and plates fixed to the bone. After the 12 weeks of using crutches, the Doc scheduled me for 8 weeks of therapy and after he let me go back to work. During my therapy, I had questions about pain and how long it would last. He told me that my body would start healing and pain would start to drop and level out about a year after surgery and after that any pain I felt would remain for the rest of my life. He also told me as I get older I will have arthritis because they had to drill into the cartilage that surrounds the talus bone. Its been almost two years and I still have pain in my ankle and it does get worse during the colder times of the year and especially after going home from work which also causes minor swelling since I'm on my feet 8+ hours each day. I have not went back to the doctors for any pain after my therapy sessions have ended because I assumed that there really is nothing more they can do. My question is will I qualify for medical marijuana since I can't take any harder pain killer because they make me feel dizzy and they give me a really sore stomach.


Thank you.



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Raven, welcome to the community. I hope all goes well for you, seeing the Dr. I think your problem is common enough, and your records recent enough you should be okay however that is just my opinion, and as you said it's up to the Doc to decide so anything we say is just guessing. Anyway welcome, and take care!

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I think you probably would qualify either through your regular doctor ( although many will not or cannot certify )

or another doctor with medical records. I believe cannabis would help you with that and remember just because you will always have the pain does not mean you need to always feel the pain. Welcome to the MMMA. Here you will find everything you need.

If Medical Cannabis does not work out for you remember pain management. I am not

a fan of the pills but if you must have you must have. But I think you have fallen

into good hands.

Good luck and Good health....

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Thanks for the welcome everyone! Yes ozzrokk that is my same thought process, if I have to live with the pain, I shouldn't be forced to feel it too. I will admit I have used cannabis in the past and it has done wonders for my pain but had to stop for a while because I was in between jobs and could not test dirty. During this time of being cannabis free, I have noticed that my pain has been more noticeable and bothersome compared to when I was using.

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I crushed my ankle in 99, physical therapy helped more than I expected.

Vicoden less. It seemed to push the pain forward. Hurt more the next day, or eat more vicoden.

After a while, years, I got used to the pain. Nausea was always present though. It took me a long time to figure out the ignored pain was showing up as sick feeling all the time. Thc has made me fully functional again, despite my doc telling me , "you are handicapped, you will never work full time again."

After I learned how to walk again, I went back to contracting, full time.

I don't respond well to being told what to do, so maybee what he said was perfect for the situation.

My point is you will adapt and probably be ok in the long run.

Good luck and if I can help, feel free to ask away.


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Hello Raven, welcome!


Just saw Dr. Crocker yesterday and cannot say enough how awesome he and his group are! My first round finding a place to get my card it was at a rather skanky clinic w/a lobby over flowing w/people in pain waiting for hours. It was awful, I had an appt and I ended up waiting over 4hrs to be seen. Michigan Holistic Health has their act together and are super friendly.


Best wishes on this adventure called Getting Your Card, you'll be happy you went on it. Helps me immensely with my chronic pain!

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