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Hello All!


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I am brand new to the site, and very much enjoy what I have seen so far. I am a caregiver and patient in the Jackson area, and am much obliged to meet you all. I will be attending the Jackson market tomarrow as a patient to feel it out and meet some new faces. I hope in the following weeks to set up as a vendor, offering prime overages of death star and bubba kush. I am also well versed in the realm if concentrates and will offer premium bho testing 70+%thc.

A few questions:

If I have a full patient roster, as well as myself I am only allowed to vend 15 oz correct?

How does concentrate factor in to the allowed weight?

How do medibles factor into the allowed weight.


I appreciate the information and look forward to meeting alot of you at the market!



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Welcome to the 3MA. Good to have more knowledgeable folks still joining our ranks. I'm sure we will be seeing more and more folks over the next year as well...and beyond I hope.


You ll want to send Member (and forum CEO) Blueberry a PM about the Jackson FM details. as well as being a Vigilant Crusader for the Sick and Ill, and forum CEO, he is the head guy for the Jackson FM as well. He'll have all the answers you seek about the situation there.

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