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Happy New Year

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Happy new year all! Who's in for another lap around the sun?


I am ready Happy New Year to you and everyone . For those without cable ESPN3.com should be showing sports and the world record snowmobile jump starting at 11 pm tonight . Sadly you must have a fast internet connection its called Red Bull No limits . If you have cable its on ESPN the kids might like it if their up waiting for the big red ball to come down as a treat .

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I ll say Happy New Year. as it may be the last one. lol

take that how you will.


but in the least, if BS doesnt get recalled, it may not be much to cheer about come next dec 31st... Everyone have a great and safe night (little late i see) and take that extra step you would not of taken last yr.

My resolution (my last one was in 84 and that was to never make a NY resoluction again, but BS and his bs has caused me to abandon that resolve, and move forward with a more restitue, and enduring resolution, To Stand the FRAK up and SCREAM at the top of my lungs, he needs to GO! NOW isnt soon enough...



Then i ll cheer for the REAL New Year.

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