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2012 - A Battleplan

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2008 - Law initiated, the patient and CG are left alone, with no instructions or guide how to begin.

2009 - we created clubs, so we all could find each other and begin teaching and helping each other.

2010 - LEO begins to recognize the growing number of patients and CGs, they spot the store-front dispensaries and clubs.

2011 - The courts begin to define the MMMAct by case law, as the cases of people arrested in 2009 and 2010 are ruled, and re-ruled by higher court of appeal. The MMMP has some wins, and some losses. P2P is ruled illegal, patients can acquire, transfer, or deliver - without compenstation. The CG may only assist the five patients they are connected to via the registry (CG attestation form).

2012 - State AG will try to introduce 12 bills to further restrict the MMMAct, almost to make it punitive and ineffective. Patients will lose their privacy, they will lose their support structure of CG and other patients. Clubs will be banned, and it could be made a misdemeanor to advertise as a Caregiver. Patients and CGs protest.



I believe 2012 will be a year of education, protest and clubs taking risks to advance in to communities that patients and CGs suffer due to misguided and misinformed LEO and community 'leaders'. We need to continue educating smart patients and CGs, we need to hold ground, for the new patients and CGs that are still looking for help. I believe we have to get more public with our testimonials, we need to stand up and show ourselves to the mainstream community. We need to support ourselves while mainstream society fails itself.


2012, the year of the protester continues...


The DN

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