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Hi phineas I'm kind of new here too but I came here after hearing about this site from someone who gave me some of PBs famous oils. If you haven't heard about PBs oils and elixirs you need to start with that. I smoked pot all my life since I was 12 but that didn't stop me from getting my cancers. But PBs famous oils cured my cancers. Check them out. everyone should be using them just like taking a daily vitamin. It's easy and I take my daily vitamin and my blood pressure meds and then I put a drop of oil on my chest and rub it in and that has kept the lung cancer away and my emphaseyma is gone now too.

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Apparently,you don't think my attempt at humor was very interesting.I hope the welcome was genuine.

Yes I found it,"very interesting". In an amusing way, not the trying to be a d@ck way. I am extremely sorry if it came off that way. Tone and inflection do not translate well in typed words.

The welcome is sincere, the humor is dry(mine).

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