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Beware Of Robbers

Smokey J

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I feel its my duty to warn everyone in the Detroit area that there are robbers who are calling caregivers posing as patients seeking caregivers. They're a group of crackheads from Lincoln Park. Theres a white guy, white girl, and a black guy who roast rocks all day with a baby in the house. From what I hear they attempt a snatch and run then rely on idea that noones gonna f. stuff up with kids around. They call and say that they are looking for a caregiver and they would like to see every strain you got. Only the girl apparently has a stolen medical marijuana card...with no id of course, but the guy says "of course I have my card". He had my not-as-bright friend convinced, but I saw right through the whole situation. Regardless, I always check out the spot before I leave.


The number they call from is 3137534938 and the address they tried to lead me to was in Electric Ave. in Lincoln Park. I first brought up a picture of the house and it looked abandoned. Then I googled the phone number and 2 pages popped up where people said they got got by these guys. When they called back to see whats taking so long I cocked my shotgun right in the phone and said, "don't worry, here we come" :)


They didn't call back after that.


Anyways, just a safety reminder: If you're gonna take deliveries, check out where you're going and who you're dealing with. Always assume that theres someone waiting to rip you off.

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