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Warning.......they Are Coming...


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Let me take a Moment to fill you in on this.....Back in 1963 the Russian Militant Seals took over the South Eastern boarder of Shickwaneyah. The Elder Leader Sir,Ronald Canabinoid was tryin to overtake the Fields of Cannabis by the south boarder.The resident Militant penguins of Shickwaneyah faught with all their mite to Stop the Russian Seals. During the war the Leader of the Militant Seals was KIA during the catastrophic battle. Since then the Seals devised a plan to take over the world in 2012.

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The penguin was driving cross country .. suddenly the car quits .. right in front of a gas station.


They get the car into the station and the people start to look it over.


The penguin had noticed an ice cream store next to the station. He tells the attendant he'll be back in a little while.


Goes into the ice cream shop and just dives in to some ice cream. Has it all over his face..


The penguin returns to the gas station with ice cream all over his face.


"What's up with the car?" he asks.


"Looks like you blew a seal."


"No .. just ice cream. What's wrong with the car?"

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