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Harvest Time!

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Nice work dude! Is she as tasty as she looks? :thumbsu:


I anxiously await the smoke report, as someday soon, (when I get things tuned in and pick up another patient) I am looking at making a subcool order.


Was that from seed or clone? If it was from seed how many phenotypes did you see her express?

Clone via the moscutty project this pheno (black cherry soda) shows the pink calyxes and has a very unique flavor its a decent yielder but what i really dig about her is the sugar leaf she produces just fantastic for making bubble . :))

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So i finished drying the tga subcool plushberry and decided to get a pre jar taste



I have been running this for a while now and never had one come out this well i think what was missing all along was the low temps that brought out the nice sexy purples and the flavor after you blow out a hit seems more pronounced like a sweet raspberry jam this medicine is fantastic shes a keeper . :blink:


Flavor - solid 8 out of 10


Potency Depending on where you take her cloudy or clear she varies half amber shes almost too strong i prefer a 50/50 cloudy clear since I'm active .


Kudos to tga subcool. :))





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Very sweet looking plant!! How does it compare to other strains over all?

She ranks right up there with two of my recent favorites dj shorts blueberry and dr greenthumbs bubba kush katsu cut its got a fantastic berry /cherry like flavor upon exhale and its wicked potent too i rarely need more than a halfie to make my nerve pain fade . -_-

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Beauty, eh? Was wondering what was the lowest temp. this lady saw? Subcool has done some amazing strains! j.b.

Right before harvest i had a pre lamp warmup of 54 degrees :blink: im very lucky that i didnt stress my girls out im in the process of adding a intake fan that will draw heat from next to my furnace to cycle on and off opposite the bloom schedule to keep the ladys warm at night .




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