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Ron Paul Is Sending Adam De Angeli To Speak With Us..


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Our Compassion club has Adam DeAngeli from Ron Paul coming to speak wth us at our meeting this Sat. Jan.7th,2012.. This is going t be a full house..It starts at 12pm..You might want to come early for a good seat.. http://clarecountycc.ning.com/events/ron-paul .Hope to seeyou all there..And gf,s Uncle is coming with his paper work..Says hisPSA test is 0.1 n stable.

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I guess I have to say something.I am the one who got this going.

I contacted the state headquarters about volunteering.

I was not shunned and turned away! Our cause is only one of the issues.

The Rep. from Mt.Pleasant/Clare county will also be speaking.

He is a grad student at CMU and not a "Weed" user nor supporter.

But he is for the right of states to make and follow there own laws.

He will be speaking about student loans the wars and other issues related

to the younger generation. I do believe he is bringing some students with him.

I ask for all in our community to be respectful about our law issue with him.

He knows nothing about "Cannibus"It will be great for him to see what "weed" really cures.

The college students do understand our gov. is out of control and must be changed for them

to have a future. I know of no other reason for their participation they have no skin in our law.

I will be speaking about our current issues.

Copies of the proposed changes to our law will be available.

Especially the enforcement of federal law added to a state law.

I cannot own a gun. FFFUUUU.There are Approx. 1 mil. people that there gun rights have been taken away.

It seems the NRA has forgotten about me and my life member father who lives with me now. Can they take his guns also

If they hurt my family its a done deal!

The right to warrentless search and seizure.

Been trying to get through to gun owners.

The typical answer from the Tea Party crowd is the problem is its federally illegal.

The answer to that is are you a citizen of Michigan of a citizen of the federal government.

So far the answer is your right.

I am having my coming out party come join me.

Pushed to far.

As far as Mr. Paul attending CMU would be a good stop.

He has by far the most young support of any one running.

That is my goal.

Ranting and Raving are not working,I am puttin on the line.

In the month of Feb. 6 of the 9 states are mmj.Colorado is Feb. 4

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We had the meeting today, I think I may have violated something in my speaking, While speaking Adam had to leave. It was explained to me that meeting was incorrect format or?

I spoke as a patient not anyone else, I had to do that. I said that before I spoke. I was speaking as a patient and nothing else. I decided to do that on the way there.

I think I at least told the NRA ,Tea party, and the others who say we have state rights to back it up. I brought up my gun rights as a vet, I take care of my dad now are they gonna raid him too hurt him? He is a life member. How I can't deer hunt legally on the property my family bought from the railroad .

A farmer asked how he was to control his heard now and cull sick animals.

Enough for now, I guess I answered the question of why he had to leave.

Colorado is having there caucus on Feb. 4. 6 of 9 states in Feb. are mm states.

Mt.Pleasant paper was there.guessing I will be in it.

Ps I am just a patient with a good caregiver.

Keep my meds locked in a safe.

I invite any opinions of people who were there. I introduced at least 1,000 votes.

99% registered voters who should be bought by politions.

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