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Medical Marijuana Patients File Counter Initiative


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Medical marijuana patients file counter initiative




OLYMPIA, Wash. — Medical marijuana patients who oppose an initiative to legalize marijuana have filed a counter initiative.


The opponents of Initiative 502 filed the "Safe Cannabis Act" with the secretary of state's office Friday morning. Initiative sponsor Mimi Meiwes says she and other medical marijuana patients are concerned about what they see as an overly strict blood test limit for driving under the influence under I-502.


The new initiative has not yet received a number yet. The draft of the initiative must first be approved by the offices of the state code reviser and the state attorney general, which could take a few weeks.


The measure would decriminalize marijuana for medical marijuana patients, would provide patients and providers with protection from arrest and would classify hemp as an agricultural product



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There is no evidence of any limit that equates to impairment . 5 nanograms is the same as zero tolerance . Pre employment screens that have a 15% false positive rate according to statisitical sources often qouted in the press have a cut off of 50 nanograms .


info on false positives





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If any of you think there is no potential impairment with mmj you are wrong. There def is mmj out there where if you smoke a lot (ie too much) it will effect your driving. I do agree it is much safer than alcohol and metabolites in the blood does not measure impairment.

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