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Help! Dr. Needed In Clare County Area

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My dad's dr (pcp) drug tested him and found MM in his system. My dad is legal. Well, the doctor then stripped all his pain meds from him except aleve. This is the same dr who refused to Rx ANY pain meds for my dad for over a year because he is a "recovering alcoholic" who hasn't had a drop of alcohol in 30 years. My dad is 60, disabled, with back, nerve, & heart problems. He needs a new pcp. One who will at least allow my dad a pain Rx to suppliment the MM.


Please help. I am desperate. My dad is in SO much pain all the time...even with the MM. Since they took his Rx away he has been unable to walk due to pain. It breaks my heart to see him hurt like he does.


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Dr Meinke in Clare has signed a number of recomendations that i have seen in the area.. Find him in the phone book..

Dr Meier is in Gladwin at the Gladwin family healthclinic... find that in the phone book

Dr Bob has an office in Mt Pleasant mi.. again.. you know where to look..

Good luck i hope one of them has an opening.. We are all praying for your dad..

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Meyer is now in Saginaw and Flint, but the Gladwin clinic can schedule that..... in Flint and Saginaw.


Dr. Bob would be closer. He is not a "card mill", so have all your paperwork from past doctors, to prove your real health issues.


Dr. Bob is cool, and in Mt Pleasant.

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What? i heard Meier was in gladwin.. a woman i know who goes there just changed him to her reg dr.. Hes gone already?? Also.. THCF Is definately not a card mill.. Dr bob is cool to and in Mt Pleasant.. Or Dr Meinke in clare.. Hopefully op gets this msg soon.. Praying for dad..

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