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What Happen In The Last 8 Minutes..pls Somebody Tell Me

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Drew Bree's is what happened to us he just finished the most prolific season ever for a QB hes won at every level of the game IMO hes the best QB in the NFL but its great to see the Lions back competing a few more drafts and a little more experience for Stafford we will be beating the Saints packers or whomever gets in our way to the superbowl.

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eh, at least they got some potential now...I mean they made it to the play offs, it just sucks that they had to play the saints right off the bat...I think the pressure got to them, cus there were a few POSSIBLE game changing plays but they couldnt grip the darn ball...at least that was up until the last 8 mins or so of the game.lol ..it was really dis heartening watching the last 8 mins.

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ive been a lions fan all my life and will continue to be one but i am sure tired of always saying "typical lions season" its getting now where i cant even remember watching a good game, they have some good plays and good quarters but i havent seen them play a entire game good in a long tome, bits and pieces of good do not win superbowls. personally i think the team will need to have a new owner before they will ever be a winning superbowl team, been saying it for years.

my hubby says it's socialistic football anymore,he is disgusted with many calls out there and alot of giveaways.

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