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Anybody Know A Good Electrician In Flint?

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you need a 200 amp service entry panel. i would consider a few 220 lines, rather than an extensive network of 110. u can get a sub panel on that 220 off a 50 amp breaker, that will run up to 8 lights. just a few thoughts. good luck..

Just my 2 cents but I wouldn't try running 8-1000 watt lights on 50amps. I have a 12'x16' grow box divided into two areas, one veg. the other flowering. I'm running 4-1000 watt HPS for flowering, 3- 400watt MH for veg. and 8-4', T5 bulbs for clones. Plus a 14K BTU AC/ Heater unit, a dehumidifier, 2-8" exhaust fans, one with 50lb carbon filter, 3 occillating fans, and single stationary fan. A drain to waste hydro. set up using a small (250gph)pump and a double air outlet pump.

It takes 80 amps to run this set up without blowing any breakers. I've tried adding other things, more lights, additional fans, etc. and every time I do it will trip a breaker. The max for a 20amp line is 2-1000watt fixtures! Any more than that and it'll trip it!

Hope this helps and don't hesitate to write if you have more questions.

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sure mix 600s in w the 1000s. i am no expert w electric, but my understanding is that 220 lines act differently and can handle more wattage. sub panels for indoor grows are marketed for 6 and 8 light set ups. much cleaner (less cords). yes, I could see how more than 5k on a 50 amp breaker could be pushing it. panels are rated for up 8k tho.


perhaps an electrician could chime in about the beauty of running 220 lines..

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volts x amps = watts


220 x 20 = 4400watts


4400 x .80 = 3520 max continuous load


3520 watts is the most you would want on a 20 amp 220 volt circuit running for more than three hours continuously. Three hours and longer and heat will build up causing the break to eventually trip, this is why we stay at 80% of the circuit rating for a continuous load. If the load is not continuous and would never be above 3520 watts for three hours you can add the entire 4400 watts. You would have no problem running three 1000 watt lights on a 20 amp 220 volt circuit. This is how I power my lights. A 20 amp circuit is the max allowed in a residential dwelling for any type of electric lighting. I'm a licensed master electrician and electrical contractor.

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I understand the wattage and voltage requirements, I just need someone to do change the breaker box out, I am only running 5k max, but I am running 220 for my lights. then 110 circuits for air pumps water etc. I appreciate the responses though.

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