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Anyone Available To Verify Card In Detroit?

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If anyone is in Detroit available to verify card / paperwork for access to the verified forum please PM me. I would like to have access to this forum. I have messaged a moderator with no response requesting help. :( Maybe they never got my email? Anyway- if you can help, please do. THANKS

Regards and peace,

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we are working to make it atleast viable to get folks verified as easily as possilbe, but atm, it is going to take old school leg work. basicaly a face to face with a Mod or Admin, to physically see the card, that its not expired, appears authentic, and the name on the card matches your name on another form of id, like a DL state ID< Library card, CC, ect. something that also has your name on it, that isnt easily faked. we do this for everyones privacy and protection. This is to ensure anyone that has direct access to the VIP forum, is known to be a legitimate patient and or caregiver of the MMM Program.


Until we can contact the MMMP directly to at least verify card id numbers as being legitimate numbers and currently active cards, it is our ONLY option.

We are working on a solution, but at the moment, please post your general area, so we can figure out who is in your vacinity that can verify your status.


Sorry for any inconvenience, but to keep it 'what happens in vegas' its the way it has to be done.

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the differance from what i can see it being able to be able to personaly VOUCH for someone else.


Remember, when someone is Vouching for another person, they are essentially giving their word that the person being vouched for is credible. i just dont see this offering alot of credit to the entire situation. If we were able to verify with the MMMP Card ID Numbers, then this would be very doable i think. but until that can be done, its someone giving their personal word someone else is credible. i think thats the biggest hurdle we need to get beyond. the only way to get folks verified, is for them to take the 1st step of saying, i want to be verified, how can we do it.. and then set a metting up with one of us mod/admins, or 2 other members already in the VIP area.



I fully expected this to be a slow start up process, but once we get more Members Verified, they can then start of verify others 2 of them are willing to vouch for. SO you can see as time progresses, and we get more folks access to the VIP, more folks will have an easier time to get access.....

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we do understand your point Robman.


I will work on a solution for anyone looking to get VIP access, and see what we can do to facilitate the verification process.


currently though, the only well suited option will be the leg work needed to make some type of personal meeting with a Mod or Admin.

again, being in the beginning process, i,we expected this to be a bit of a slow start. Trust we are doing everything we can to make this happen as simply and smoothly as we can, yet ensure the validity of those getting VIP access.


Also, remember, we still have the Overages and Genetics section, where you need to do your own verifications currently available, as well as the Need a Caregiver or Need a Patient section of the forum, as well as the VIP area.

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If you ever make it to the market with me, I can assure to get your idenity verified, lol!!!


I know several members in person, but never asked for verification, because I like it the wat it is working for me, others might not like my method...

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