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Page 21: Oakland County Deputy Timothy Keesling, Arrested for Driving Drunk and Injuring numerous citizens. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 25: Oakland County Deputy Timothy Stratton, Arrested for drunk driving and being armed with a gun. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 27: Oakland County Deputy James Tyler, Arrested for Drunk Driving, fleeing the scene and hiding under a deck. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 29: Oakland County Deputy Tom Mance, Arrested for Drunk Driving. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 32: Oakland County Lieutenant Clay Jansson, Drove Drunk Officer home and did not arrest him NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 33: Oakland County Sergeant Jeff Clark, Drove police car drunk and was not arrested. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 26: Oakland County Deputy Jeff Clark , Caught window peeping, never Charged. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 39: Oakland County Sergeant Robert Cain, participated in illegal sex party. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 40: Oakland County Deputy Russell Sherman, participated in an illegal sex party. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 49: Oakland County Deputy Gary Garza, Arrested for Drunk driving and fleeing the accident scene. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 54: Oakland County Deputy Randy Praski, illegally used law enforcement computers. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 71: Oakland County Lieutenant Timmy Atkins, Wasted taxpayer money. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 74, Oakland County Deputy John Hawkey, Stalking women. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 76: Oakland County Sergeant Barry Dodson, Inappropriate sexual conduct with an employee. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 79: Oakland County Deputy Kelly McChester, arrested for Domestic Violence. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 81: Oakland County Deputy Gerald Hall, Assaulted a citizen. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


Page 83: Oakland County Deputy Craig Cejmer, stole $1700 cash from a citizen.


Page 87: Oakland County Sergeant Roy Coates, Arrested for manufacturing methamphetamines.


Page 90: Oakland County Sergeant Joe Scarpelli, regular MARIJUANA SMOKER, stored it in police car and Smoked Marijuana while driving police car!


Page 92: Oakland County Deputy Daryl Anderson, had sex with a prisoner on four different occasions.


Page 93: Oakland County Deputy Russ Sherman , committed sex crimes at bar. NOT FIRED, STILL A POLICE OFFICER


What's that from??


I'd like to read it.

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Its tragically ironic that Police, as a profession, have such a high threat of doing harm to themselves and the public they are sworn to protect.


"Although it is difficult to get accurate statistics, studies consistently show that the police profession has the highest rates of divorce, alcoholism, domestic violence, and suicides.

Depending on the study:


our divorce rate is 60-70% higher than the national average


our alcoholism rate is 2 times the national average


our domestic violence rate is among the highest of all professions


our suicide rate is 3 times the national average."

Highest Rates of Divorce, Alcoholism, Domestic Violence, and Suicides



One wants to have sympathy and compassion for the folks involved in such a high stress, dangerous, protecting-the-public profession, but its hard, and getting harder everyday......


"I'm Running Out of Cheeks: How Do I Forgive Those Who Hurt Me?"

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Really the cops should be held at higher standards to say the least. They are the ones inforcing no drunk driving, so they have NO excuses to not know better.


When I see exceptions made for LEO, we can all see the corruption. Officals need to lead by example. Not do as they please because they are the law.


its almost like saying "Do as I say! Not as I do!" Stright up WRONG! GGRRRR



Really I would not want to be this LEO that was caught with a DUI, they might make an example out of him to save face for the city. who knows.

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Its not just the cops having issues getting along in regular society.


Their families are also trending towards alcoholism and anti-social behaviour as well.


Has something to do with the physics of how far apples fall from the tree, or the psychology of monkey-see monkey-do....


Son of Lake Orion Police Chief arrested after breaking into Waterford house




Of The Oakland Press

Published: Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The son of Lake Orion’s police chief is being charged with third-degree home invasion after forcing his way into a Waterford Township home.


Andrew John Narsh, who is the 22-year-old son of Lake Orion Police Chief Jerry Narsh, was arrested on allegations of breaking into the home of a Crescent Lake Inn waitress.


Narsh had been at the bar earlier that night.


He was arraigned Monday before Judge Richard Kuhn Jr. He was released from the Oakland County Jail on a $5,000 bond.


Waterford police were dispatched about 4:08 a.m. Sunday to the home in the 5000 block of Savoy. The report was for a person attempting to break into a residence.


The man was questioned and found to be “heavily intoxicated,” Waterford Police Chief Daniel McCaw said.


“I believe he broke into the wrong house,” he said.


There was information provided to officers that Narsh might have an issue with alcohol, McCaw said.


Narsh had been at the Crescent Lake Inn and the waitress had worked that night, according to reports.


“They don’t know each other. The woman drove home and he was walking,” he said.


Narsh has no history of criminal activity and “doesn’t remember what happened,” McCaw said.


“It’s a sad situation,” he said.


“It’s sad for mothers and fathers when their children commit crimes, whether the children are 14 or 40. But the fact is young men and women grow up and they determine their choices, friends and paths.”


Jerry Narsh declined to comment on the details, stating he loves his son and “he’s a good kid.”


“Although deeply saddened by decisions he made that led to his arrest, I have full confidence in the judicial system,” Jerry Narsh said in a written




“Like any father, I love my son, I hope and pray for the best. Like any law enforcement officer, I expect that justice be served, as in any other criminal case, with any other defendant.”

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