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Wack Job Forced His Autistic Children To Smoke Synthetic Pot


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From Phoenix.


Recent studies have shown medical marijuana as a successful treatment for autism. Like the story of Meiko Hester-Perez and her son Joey who is autistic. Both Perez and Joey's doctors agree that medical cannabis has had nothing but positive affects on Joey, even saved his life. Further studies of cannabis with autistic patients have been just as successful. All medical treatments should be done responsibly, with a medical professional and using proper medication. However one Florida man took matters into his own hands, putting his autistic children in danger in the process.


Palm Bay Police arrested a father of two autistic children after responding to a domestic dispute. When officers arrived at Scott Crawley's apartment last Tuesday, they discover a battered elderly person, a pipe and what appeared to be marijuana. The "marijuana" turned out to be a very unsafe synthetic cannabis that has similar effects to marijuana, but what they found next was just disturbing.


A FaceBook video Crawley uploaded of his 7-year-old smoking the synthetic marijuana. The 7-year-old appeared uncomfortable, nervous and scared to smoke the "Spice" as Crawley forced the child to use it. Crawley told Palm Bay Police he had given the substance to his child to make a statement about legalizing marijuana for treating autism.


Scott Crawley was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and battery to a person over the age of 65.


The synthetic marijuana popularly known as "Spice" has recently become popular due it's cannabis type effects. Most claim they get higher for longer using this substance, but it comes at a deadly cost. Many deaths and extreme illnesses have been associated with the use of synthetic cannabis. People turn to this "parasite" substance to get the desired effects of pot legally. Actual marijuana is safer, controllable and all natural, with a zero death rate.


Crawley shouldn't have ever attempted ANY type of treatment without taking the proper legal and most importantly proper medical actions. What could his point have been by giving his special needs child dangerous synthetic cannabis? Spice is completely unsafe and has no medical value, and he gave it to his child trying to prove a medical point. Crawley has no business making medical decisions, and apparently no business being a father either.


Let's end synthetic Marijuana!


Alex Webb



Source here.



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Well, they did put this in: "Actual marijuana is safer, controllable and all natural, with a zero death rate."



There's something to be said for that atleast, but I think that dude should get life for elder and child abuse and torture. Keep him in 24 hour confinment for life and make him smoke an oz of spice a day until he dies so hes not a toll on the tax payers. People who hurt kids deserve nothing less than life, if not death.

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