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For 2012, I'd pick decrim for 2 reasons...

1. It's a step in the right direction--even if only a baby step--it is still better than what we have today.

2. It's definitely attainable.


With voter turnout as low as it is, and a legislature who doesn't represent us, we only have a chance for improvements every four years. I'd rather improve where we can now. Then after we've taken some ground back, go for legalization in 2016. If we expend all this energy and only get 44% for legal in 2012, then we have to battle rogue prosecutors, judges, et al (in the same way as the last 3 years) for another 4 years until we can feel a new sense of hope.


I also think decrim will help build confidence in people who aren't sure if they want to participate in the drive for legalization... meaning that if Mich were currently decrim, Mich would have a better chance of organizing for the legal vote than we do now.

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i believe it too should be on the table.

all options need to be looked at as viable options until other wise specified.



Id like to add if i may, even if full legalization is not perhaps obtainable currently, the shear idea that we the people of Michigan, are thinking of passing full legalization, and show we can with a mere 310,000 signatures, is worth its total constituants weight in gold.


It would be HUGE leverage to the legislation, We ll deal with it on a Medical level, or we ll deal with it on a full out legalization level....


Decriminalization would do the job of protecting patients, citizens, and caregivers, but minimal to let Legilation understand how truely "Fed Up" the people are over this injustice perpetrated against them by their own state.

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not jailing non-violent, otherwise law-abiding citizens... makes sense to everyone. esp when one looks to the overcrowding of jails, the costs to the tax base & the relatively innocuous status cannabis has vs say something like alcohol and/or tobacco. most reasonable people don't feel someone should be incacerated for smoking cannabis... they don't even like the idea of wasting tax payer dollars towards the cause.


however, not everone is ready for the spinners at the street corner, billboards & neon signs, the counter culture run amock in the light of capitalism. plus, if it really did go to legalization, better get used to phillip-morris providing the 'meds'. just to note. peace all.

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Legalization will be on the ballot if everyone does their part. People who sign petitions tend to vote if the initiative makes the ballot. These initiatives also tend to bring voters out. I think the people who would vote against this will not be as motivated to get out and vote since their man will be Mitt. I think legalization has a real chance and since it is the only pony running right now we had better bet on it.

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