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"Public safety officials who break the law and use taxpayer resources to do it will be brought to justice," said Schuette. "To restore public integrity and protect public safety, this kind of corruption must come to an end. We will hold corrupt officials accountable, wherever they are found.



Maybe BS should look in the mirror the have himself arrested! :growl:

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Detials mean everything . I could see a remprimand for someone running a office pool including friends these kind of charges would be for someone running a serious for profit gambling operation . For their sake I hope that wasn't the case . I have known a few poeple over the years that made a living gambling but for every one there were dozens more who just suffered loosing what little they had . Hardly seems worth the 10% juice the organizers rake in . I wonder if these guys had a 18 inch aligator . I hope not . The press is behind publishing the true story on the last one .



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