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Open Congrats To Barb Agro And Friends

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I just wanted to congratulate you all on the dismissal today I know what you have been through and lost and know it cannot be easy but I am so glad to hear you got it dismissed and you will not incur and miss-justice.


RIP Sal Agro, always remember what people have given for the cause it was a shame he could not be here to see this amazing outcome.

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This is a spark of good news. This case was fraudulent from the start. taking the most extreme point of the Act, and turning them against a Law Abiding American Couple was and is deplorable in the least.


Mrs. Agro, should you read this, I can not say enough for your personal sacrifices over the last 3 yrs. I apologize for the actions of my ill minded government. Your sacrifice has been far to great, and far to over burdening, and I want you to know, they will not be in vein...


Thank you for being the brave soul you have been! you and your story are an inspiration to us all.

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Congratulations on this victory, now SUE, SUE, SUE!


Oakland County and Bill Shuette are finally on the ropes. The only thing they understand is the courts...so use the courts to cost them and make it obvious to the public that they have been using their positions to pursue their own personal agenda and subject the citizens to their own moral beliefs.


Unfortunately there is no other way to make them understand the losses they have caused to so many wonderful people. Such a shame.


We now ask Oakland county officials "was it really worth all of this?"

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