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Rs Oil In Ca.

Homey D. Clown

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Hello to all my Very special friends here and to any that may be from my neck of the woods!

I am a Cancer Patient here in the golden state. However, I have been very unfortunate when it comes to being able to make my RS Oil!

I have been making it with Naptha (I live in a smaller town-- its been on the shelve at the lumber yard for 10 years!! and of course, now it is no longer Cal Compliant -- cant buy it....

Now I am looking for Pure Isopropyl Alcohol....... cant buy it Over-the-Counter in this state EITHER!

Fast forward to -- called medical supply house -- YAY!!! I purchased 2 gallons of 99% Iso Alc.!!!! FOR 62.00 A GALLON!!!!!

I realize that this is Cal Medical MJ Forum but I am looking for any other Ca. Patient (or anyone in Ca for that matter) that is in the same boat as I am!


Now -- for what its worth in my travels around here and in learning what I have I also am very surprised that I have really NOT spoken with any one that knows what Rick Simpson Oil IS!

am I the only one having this trouble in Ca?? --- Just wondering!

If anyone has any insight to this please feel free to let me know, PM, Forum or Smoke signals- I'll be watchin :-)



Homey D.

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