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Out Of The Closet(The Growroom Closet)

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I have had a love affair with Cannabis since I first tried it as a teenager. I admit it.


When I first started smoking cannabis, it was all about getting stoned, and that was about the extent of it. As I grew up, Cannabis was an important part of my life back in the 70’s and early 80’s. I smoked it, I sold it, I grew it. I remember one year when I started 120 seedlings in my greenhouse, carried them all into the floodplains around the Raisin River in many trips to plant them, only to come back in a week and find that critters had eaten everyone of them! The varmints stayed out of my garden however, and I recall having to tie down very tall plants in between rows of corn.


I stopped growing my own around 1986(?). Choppers were hunting for illegal grows, we had a friend get raided and lose their home, and my former wife was not about to let me risk everything for weed. I didn’t blame her at all.


Somewhere back then, a book came out called, “Do What You Love, And The Money Will Follow”. My passion was marijuana, but I couldn’t legally find a way to do what I loved. I looked into getting into the then hip hemp industry, but I never went anywhere with that idea. I never stopped enjoying its many wonderful properties, but also never stopped thinking that it should be legalized, and that I could legitamately get back into the cannabis business. I have always been a proponent of legalization, and have always been the outspoken one in my family when the topic of discusion turned to marijuana, and or the legalization of marijuana.


I have attempted to start small businesses several times over the years, and because I have always wanted to help others, I always focused on products that would enhance a persons health and well being. But because I am not the charismatic kind of person that can build up a huge network of like minded people, such as the big names in most major multi level businesses, I never did well and eventually gave up and stuck to my not so great day job. Just became one of the sheep for many years while raising my son.


And then, in 2008, something happened that I have been waiting all my adult life for, but I didn’t realize it at the time. Michigan voters passed the Medical Marijuana Act. As a person who does not have much faith in our government, I kept half an eye on what was going on with the new law, just to see if this would really work. My son became a patient in 2010 and was convinced that I had very valid reasons to become a patient myself. In March of this year, I became a patient, and received my card in June. The first time my son took me to a dispensary, I was like a kid at a candy store for the first time! I never realized that so many different strains were available, and that the quality was so good!


In October, I started my first grow in a little tiny 6.5 X 6 feet room with a 5 foot turntable and an 1000 watt hps lamp. Just 4 plants, that a fellow member gave to me at no charge(Thanks Jake!) I am in the process of my first indoor harvest now, and I am even more excited! I can see that I may finally be able to “Do What I Love”, and that I may be compensated decently for doing good work and helping others at the same time! I grew up on a farm, but never got this excited by soybeans and corn!


I think my motives are good ones. I think and must believe that we, the people, will prevail in the battles yet to come, and I also believe that I want to be a part of this movement, even if it may occasionally put me in the cross hairs of some over zealous government types! My son is an adult now, and I plan to live the rest of my life doing what I love, and helping to benefit others lives at the same time!




Don :))

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sounds a bit like me buddy.Im a bit younger but pretty much the same storie.It was hell getting my parents to let me continue growing in my closet when they found out(wasnt to hard for them to figure out where that smell was coming from.lol)but thankfully, my mom was a smoker at the time(not anymore due to her job, single mom also at the time)..been doing it ever since...a good 7 years or so.Good luck to you, support our cause, take the risks, ignore the haters.haha welcome to the MMMA.

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