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Assistant Ag Suspended After Arrest


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LANSING, Mich. (AP) - An assistant state attorney general has been suspended following an arrest in Eaton County.


Attorney general's office spokesman John Sellek said Wednesday that James Shell is suspended pending the results of an investigation by the sheriff's department and prosecutor.


Sellek did not reveal details of the arrest. Shell, who also is president of the Grand Ledge School Board, was arrested last week.


The Lansing State Journal and WILX-TV report Eaton County Prosecutor Jeffrey Sauter has made no decision on charges. Sauter tells WILX that Shell was arrested on a misdemeanor and released on his own recognizance.


The Associated Press could not find a listed number for Shell. An email was sent to him seeking comment. A message also was left Wednesday with Sauter.

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Another example of a 'government' official using their position to do things that the' rest of us' would go to jail for.


I guess if you have friends in high places (no pun intended) you can pretty much do as you please and it will be hidden from the 'public's / voter's' attention.



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Its perfectly legal to swill booze within 500ft of a school.


Its perfectly legal to possess fire arms within 500ft of a school.


Can't grow a plant within 500ft of a school because the transpiration of water is a huge threat to our children, huh?



Mr. Schuette and his team are a far bigger threat to the children of Michigan than a plant.


A man's team says a lot about the character of that man.....

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I would sure like more details on this, if it were one of us everything would be published. I think there is a lot more to this, someone is covering something up. I am sure the AG's office is working hard to keep the law enforcement from revealing all the details.

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