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Legalization Poll For Michigan

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Does anyone have any URLs to scientific polls conducted for likely Michigan voters?


I'm so excited about the push for a constitutional amendment, but I'm not getting my hopes up because I'm thinking the effort will not reach the 50% mark. Even if there's 45%, is that supposed to mean that Lansing is going to back off the MMMA? If 60% is the magic number for polls, why can't an initiative be crafted to maximize protections while still targeting 60%? Then we can all get excited about having a real chance for improvement.

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I found this one - 88% yes - it's Ann Arbor from Dec though...


Probably more will be coming out soon.


88% is great, but it doesn't look like a scientific poll.


The legalization drive is intended to put pressure on Lansing to back off on "reforming" (effectively repealing) the MMMA.


If the initiative gets less than 50%, why would that bear more weight on Lansing than the 63%? I guess I'd just rather see a couple concrete baby steps in November, rather than some possible bargaining chips.

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If they don't get "reform" passed before the election in Nov. 2012, it will never get passed. Their huge conservative majorities are going to get voted out. The "threat" of legalization in 2012 puts pressure on them not to do anything before that date (at which point it'll be too late to do anything).

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