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Protest At Rick Snyder's House

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In short, to protest the Emergency Financial Manager and the City of Detroit, Al Sharpton and church leaders are organizing a protest march and demonstration in front of Snyder's home on Monday, which is MLK Day. Read the article, but more importantly read the comments being put on the article to learn from other people's mistakes. Here's what I see: 1. Even people that hate EFM's are critical of protesting at a person's residence. Many question the logic of this as invasive to the neighborhood and more of a personal attack than a professional demonstration. 2. Bringing in national figures that are not popular detracts from your message. Many people are decrying Sharpton's involvement, and not commenting on the EFM issue, which brings negativity instead of support for the effort. 3. The March and protest is slated to start at 4PM. This means some marching and protesting will be done in the dark. Bad choice. 4. The Comments section told me about a second effort at recalling Snyder, which I did not know about. Sign-up sheets for volunteers will be available during the demonstration. Good use of the Comments to launch their recall effort, and smart planning to have signup persons at a gathering of sympathizers. 5. The use of out-of-state protesters has been slammed as importing problems. Nobody mentions the ten buses that will be bringing people from around the state or the composition of the group, but out-of-state caught everyone's eye. 6. The organizers have coordinated with the state and local police to ensure safety of the protesters, they have parking areas already figured out and have shuttles to haul people to the rally point. Nice protective plan. Here's the link to the article: http://www.annarbor.com/news/occupy-for-democracy-rally-on-mlk-day-takes-http://www.annarbor.com/news/occupy-for-democracy-rally-on-mlk-day-takes-protest-to-rick-snyders-house//

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Should be a good event at least. The weather is supposed to be relatively nice tomorrow. Don't know how much planning Al did on this.


Al Sharpton is OK by me. I totally agree with most of his rhetoric [90%]. He has his own show now on msnbc , unfortunatley its on the same time as Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert 6-7pm.


Most likely this is not just about the EM thing. There is a laundry list of things Snyder has done here that don't do the citizens any justice. My #1 is him taxing social security checks, while then giving millions to corporate tax breaks. Plus forcing State employees give up bargaining rights and giving concessions on their wages.


Plus the Recall Snidley Whiplash ... alias R.Snyder Campaign starts again ! Fire 2 !

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It was a beautiful afternoon for a protest. A little drizzle started around dusk, though I got tied up, I was working outside about 20 miles from there. Looks like it was a decent effort. They walked a good bit, nearly a mile, good job to anyone that participated !

Story & Couple pics c/o AnnArbor.com


Fire Rickless Snyder ! and his co-conspirator Bull Shuette ! NOW !

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I work the Occupy Detroit movement, you can follow them on facebook. I worked the medical tent for 8 days while we had the 'tent city' on Grand Circus Park. The camp is expected to be back in warmer weather! The Occupy movement is so many things - but it is all about governments not listening to their people. We belong in this movement - the same politicians that think their moral/business position is more important than the will of the people. We should support these people, they are fighting the same fight.


They got bailed out, we got sold out.

Who's House? Our House!



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I did not go but wanted to they are in the same fight we are and share many things the Goverment is not supporting the will of the people and have not been for some time

look at what they are doing to are Law we wont have any Law left soon the people that are just getting their cards for the first time do not even know whats going on they will go out and buy all the things they need to set up a Grow and spend big money just to be raided

because they don't know the real rules Bill S rules i should say

are not even in the MMA

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